• The World's Finest Nut
    Macadamias represent the very essence of Australia – the soil, the climate and the seasons. This native Australian nut has become a global success story, and with good reason. Nothing compares to its texture, its taste or its health benefits. And nothing compares to the commitment of Australian growers to produce the world’s finest nut.

    The World's Finest Nut

    The Australian Macadamia Society is the peak industry body of over 600 Australian members representing all facets of the macadamia industry in Australia. Whilst the majority of members are growers, membership also includes such diverse occupations as processors, administrators, business people, investors, marketers, consultants, researchers, engineers, teachers and other macadamia enthusiasts. It is estimated that 70% of Australian growers are members of the Society and that they produce 85% of the Australian annual production. The AMS was founded with the objectives of promoting and coordinating all aspects of the industry, to encourage free exchange of ideas and information and to foster goodwill among members.

  • Macadamia Industry Harvesting Resources
    Macadamia Industry Harvesting Resources

    The AMS has gathered together some key resources to assist growers to make key decisions when it comes to harvest time...

  • Continued steady growth for Australian macadamia crop
    Continued steady growth for Australian macadamia crop

    The 2017 Australian macadamia crop is forecast to reach 54,000 tonnes in-shell at 10% moisture (50,500 tonnes at 3.5% moisture) - representing a fourth consecutive year of steady growth for the industry - announced the AMS today.


  • Australian macadamia industry is ready for growth in global demand
    Australian macadamia industry is ready for growth in global demand

    Australia’s burgeoning macadamia industry has launched a robust new international marketing strategy, one of several new initiatives set to drive steady growth...



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