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Through the Macadamia Conservation Trust, of which the AMS is the trustee, we are involved in protecting and conserving wild, native macadamia trees in their native habitat for future generations.

It is estimated that over 80% of Australia’s wild macadamias have been lost since European settlement. Four species of native macadamias can still be found in small isolated remnants of rainforest between Lismore and Bundaberg.

Our conservation efforts have resulted in the development of a Species Recovery Plan which became the first conservation plan developed by a farming body to receive formal recognition from the Australian Government. The implementation of this plan has now commenced under the project name Wild About Macadamias.

To read more about the Macadamia Conservation Trust click here.


The AMS and its members are committed to clean, green production and the world’s best practice farming methods to help create a sustainable future not only for ourselves but also for the communities in which we work.

We invest millions of dollars annually in ongoing scientific research towards continually improving all parts of the growing and production process.

We lead the way in biological control (using natural methods to manage
pests and diseases) and actively encourage our members to look to organic and
alternative solutions in the management of their orchards - including the use of
integrated pest management (IPM) to control pests and reduce the use of

We’re also passionate about being good custodians of our land, and provide information and support to our members to use best practice methods, such as the use of Smothergrass, to protect and nurture their soils.

You can read more about our sustainable approach here.

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