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The AMS are strident advocates on issues which influence and affect our members. We are recognised as the authoritative voice of the macadamia industry, and actively lobby Governments and other authorities on issues which are currently (or are likely to be) of concern to our members.

Here are some examples of how we have actively pursued members’ interests:

Queensland workers compensation

The new Queensland State Government has launched an enquiry into operation of the Workers Compensation Scheme. We recommend that our members visit www.parliament.qld.gov.au/work-of-committees/committees/FAC  to…   Read more...

Local Environment Plans

The AMS is involved in lobbying local councils when LEP reviews take place to ensure our members’ needs are accounted for. We had a…   Read more...

National Working Party on Pesticide Application

The AMS is represented on the National Working Party on Pesticide Application.  This group was established to work with the APVMA on more reasonable…   Read more...

Essential Energy - vegetation guidelines

The AMS has been very active in lobbying for change in the current vegetation guidelines. If the full 15 metre clearance is imposed without…   Read more...

Livestock Health & Pest Authority

The AMS believes the current Livestock Health & Pest Authority (LHPA) model is inefficient and inequitable. AMS members do not need LHPA services, and…   Read more...


Managing koala habitat should be an important consideration for any macadamia grower. The AMS have worked closely with Friends of the Koala and Lismore…   Read more...

Nuts for Life

The AMS is currently working closely with other nut industries to continue to raise awareness of the health benefits of nuts – through the…   Read more...

Coal seam gas

Coal seam gas mining has received an enormous amount of coverage in the media, and the AMS is ready to act on behalf of…   Read more...

Other issues currently being pursued by the AMS include:

  • Establishing our credentials with the new Queensland government and shoring up continuing R&D and extension support. To this end, the AMS met with the Queensland Minister for Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry, John McVeigh, in September 2012.
  • Working with other plant industries to ensure effective compensation of owners when a crop must be destroyed to eradicate a new pest.
  • Encouraging the Australian Government to push for tariff reductions on macadamias in potential export markets such as Korea and India as part of bilateral trade negotiations.
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