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Our community

Working closely with the communities around Australia in which our members operate is essential for the ongoing success of our industry.

We actively seek out and engage with local community initiatives and take our corporate social responsibility very seriously. We are passionate about being good custodians of the land on which macadamias are produced and are proactive in our support for local flora and fauna conservation projects.

our community

Here are just a few examples of our recent community involvement:

Agricultural shows

We are regular supporters of events that showcase our agricultural industry. In 2011 we were major sponsors of the North Coast National – Lismore’s regional Agricultural and Industry Show, we are regular exhibitors at Primex, and are currently working with local Chambers of Commerce to establish exciting new events.

Development of a koala plan

The AMS is – by invitation - on the community steering committee for Lismore Council's koala plan. The koala plan is a strategy for managing the long-term survival of koalas and their habitat alongside the activities of the community. Lismore’s wild koalas are the most significant population on the NSW North Coast, and one of the most important in the country.

Harvest celebrations

In 2012 and 2013, as part of the harvest celebration, macadamia farms and processing plants featured in live broadcasts on the 'Today show'

Educational partnerships

The AMS invests in the industry leaders of tomorrow. We are involved with the Gateway School project in Bundaberg, which provides opportunities for students and teachers to be exposed to a range of careers in the agribusiness sector. This project will link Kepnock State High School teachers with the macadamia industry to raise their awareness of career opportunities for students in our industry. Through this program the AMS is also helping to develop classroom resources, based on knowledge of the macadamia industry, to be used as part of the national curriculum in secondary schools.

Conservation of wild native macadamias

The AMS is active in the protection and conservation of the rare wild, native macadamia through the endangered species recovery plan called Wild About Macadamias. We have recently gifted several varieties of the rare plants to local councils in Bundaberg and Rockhampton for planting in the regional Botanic Gardens to ensure their survival.

Development of 'good neighbour' policies

The AMS is serious about ensuring that members carry out their operations in harmony with, and minimal effect on, surrounding land holders. To this end we have been actively involved in the development of best practise guidelines for the application of chemicals in orchards. We call it the 'Good neighbour policy'.

  • How we assist

    • 1. Actively participate in local community initiatives.

    • 2. Provide sponsorship for events within our communities.

    • 3. Lend our expertise to not-for-profit community programs.

    • 4. Support conservation projects that respect and protect the lands in which we operate.

    • 5. Form educational partnerships.

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