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publicationsThe AMS is a resource of information for our members. Here you’ll find important publications from the AMS, including our regular news bulletin, our annual report, the company constitution that governs us, and the current strategic plan for the broader macadamia industry. If you have any specific requests for information that you cannot find here, please contact the AMS directly on 1800 262 426 or email office@macadamias.org.

Annual report

Transparency and accountability are important to the AMS. Each year we prepare an annual report (as per our obligation as a registered company) which contains a comprehensive summary of our activities throughout the preceding year. The report is intended to provide our members and other interested parties with clear and accurate information relating to our activities and financial performance. You are welcome to download a copy of the current annual report here. To access a copy of previous annual reports, please contact the AMS on FREECALL 1800 262 426 (Australia only) or 61 2 6622 4933 (international enquiries) or email us.

Download the annual report below.

Strategic plan

The current strategic plan - prepared by the AMS for the macadamia industry and reviewed annually - details what is required to boost consumption, increase profitable and sustainable production, and successfully meet market specifications. The plan includes Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) as a means of measuring success and providing accountability in reporting. If you have any comment, please contact the AMS’ CEO Jolyon Burnett via email at jolyon.burnett@macadamias.org


The AMS is managed by a Board of Directors, all of whom are elected by members at our Annual General Meetings. The running of the AMS is governed by a constitution to ensure our efforts are always focused on serving the interests of our members. You are welcome to download a copy of our constitution here.

News Bulletin

The AMS publishes a bi-quarterly news bulletin in a magazine style format, which contains reports on industry affairs, news items, progress and final reports of macadamia industry research and marketing programs, and provides a forum for discussion and debate. All AMS members are sent a copy of this essential industry magazine. Members can also access previous copies of the News Bulletin in the Resources and Research section of this website.

Code of Sound Orchard Practices and other handy publications

The Code of Sound Orchard Practices (COSOP) is a complete reference for all aspects of orchard establishment and management and crop handling. It clearly describes good orchard and post-harvest practices and lays the foundations for growers to manage their orchards to improve nut quality and reduce potential hazards to food safety, sustainability and workplace safety.

The COSOP handbook is available via the Resources and Research section under Codes of Practice.

Other useful publications such as the Macadamia Growers Handbook, Kernel Assessment Manual and Kernel Storage Guide are all available for purchase in the AMS online shop.


The monthly AMS e-newsletter provides a brief snapshot of industry news, grower notices, upcoming events, workshops/training, funding/grants and other opportunities. If you haven’t already, register today by filling in your details in the newsletter sign-up section on the bottom left side of this page.

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