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The Australian Macadamia Society (AMS) is the peak industry body for the Australian macadamia industry, and currently has over 600 members who are responsible for 85% of Australia’s macadamia production.

The AMS is regarded as one of Australia’s strongest horticulture industry organisations, a reputation earned over 40 years through sound leadership and planning. The AMS has helped the Australian macadamia industry achieve a world-leadership position and is ensuring a sound, viable future for its members.

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Activities of the AMS


We provide an extensive variety of information and communication services – including this website, a monthly e-newsletter and a quarterly News Bulletin which contains reports on industry affairs, news, progress (and final) reports of macadamia industry research and marketing programs, and a forum for discussion and debate.

Industry research

We commission research and determine priorities for the industry, and we play a leading role in financing research and marketing, using funds collected through the Federal Government Statutory levy system (on nut-in-shell production) that formally ties the industry to Horticulture Innovation Australia Ltd (HIAL). The main avenues of research have included nursery and orchard practices, processing and marketing research, packaging and transport, product shelf life and medical research into health benefits.

Code of Sound Orchard Practise

The AMS also has a Code of Sound Orchard Practices (COSOP) available to all AMS members and has implemented an on-farm quality management system called the Macadamia Industry Approved Supplier Program.

Establish industry standards

The AMS is involved in establishing grade standards in the industry for the end product, which includes quality standards as well as uniform sampling and testing procedures.

Marketing & public relations

We provide publicity and information via brochures, recipe leaflets, lists of macadamia consultants, nurseries and processors, reviews of industry happenings, items in the News Bulletin and e-newsletter, and we participate in various local, regional and interstate promotions. The Society also funds and promotes marketing surveys and generic promotional campaigns.


The AMS has assisted the Australian macadamia industry in leading the world in quality standards and research. The strength of the AMS in Australia has been made possible by strong leadership and planning by the Society leaders since the AMS was established in 1974. This strength has made the Australian industry a world leader in research, efficiency and promotion. With over 6 million macadamia trees established throughout the country, the industry is more than playing its part in ‘Greening Australia’.

Special offers

The AMS provides its members with discounts on shop items, field days & excursions as well as industry conference registration.

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