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Why not consider applying for financial assistance to fund your ideas and on-farm initiatives or to help you in times of hardship? There are a wide range of grants available.

You can also visit the Australian Government’s GrantsLINK directory http://grants.myregion.gov.au/  for a comprehensive list of the various grants available in your region, and details on how to access them. Make sure you look at all grant categories, not just agriculture.

Prevocational and part qualifications program

Available for training to commence between now and the end of this year, with completion due before the end of June 2016, the NSW Government will invest $10 million in a prevocational and part qualifications training program. This program focuses on training to help people develop skills they may need to get a job, undertake entry level qualifications, transition to a new job, or up skill within their existing industry to adapt to changing conditions, markets or challenges, or remain viable.

There are 3 target areas for prevocational and part qualification funding:

1.      Priority groups and industries such as agriculture
2.      Pre-vocational
3.      Pre-apprenticeship and pre-traineeship training

The training will be offered by high quality registered training organisations. More detail can be found here.

The attachments provide further details, with highlighted areas illustrating focal points for consideration of those people who will be completing the Training Needs Identification (TNI) Form.

If there is a strong interest in some form of training, for example business financial management, chemicals, quad bike operations, or any other consistent need across multiple businesses, the first instance is to contact the State Training Services Regional Office in your region (details in the ‘targeted funding’ attachment) to have a discussion on this need, once this need is established, they will make arrangements for the training provider to complete the Training Needs Identification (TNI) form, which is also attached for your information, and commence the process to create the training opportunity.


Funding grants for women in all sectors

 In 2016 Women & Leadership Australia is administering a national initiative to support the development of female leaders across all industry sectors.

From February 10th 2016 the initiative will provide women in all industry sectors with grants for leadership development. More specifically, grant applications are open to women employed in all sectors at two levels. Please click on the preferred program link for details. The deadline for expressing your interest for this funding in your sector ends on April 29th.

 1.    Senior Management and Executive level Women Leaders can apply for $12,000 Individual Grants to undertake the Advanced Leadership Program.

2.    Women Managers can apply for $4,500 Individual Grants to undertake the Accelerated Leadership Performance Program.

Expressions of Interest
Download the Expression of Interest Form here.

Should you wish to discuss the initiative in more detail please contact Ian Johnson at the office of the National Industry Scholarship Program, Australian School of Applied Management on 03 9270 9016 or via ijohnson@asam.edu.au


Coles Nurture Fund launched

Coles has established the Coles Nurture Fund to help small Australian food and grocery producers, farmers and manufacturers to innovate and grow their business. The Fund will allocate $50 million over five years in grants and interest-free loans to fund the development of new market-leading products, technologies, systems and processes... more

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Farm Household Allowance

Help for farmers and their families experiencing financial hardship. The Farm Household Allowance replaced Interim Farm Household Allowance on 1 July 2014...more

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