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About the industry levy


An industry levy is collected from all macadamia growers in order to raise the necessary funding for research, marketing and industry development – projects which are essential for ensuring the macadamia industry remains a strong and successful industry now and into the future.

The levy has arguably been the single most important driver of the growth of the Australian macadamia industry.  Unlike many other new rural industries that emerged around the 1980s, the macadamia industry understood the need to invest in its development and future.  

The industry is now worth around $215 million at farm gate and is Australia’s third largest horticultural export. There would not be a grower or other participant in the Australian industry who has not benefited - and continues to benefit - from research, marketing and industry development made possible by the levy.

Current projects being funded by the levy include the breeding program, research into reducing chemicals and improving sustainability, and innovative marketing development.


2017-2022 Macadamia Strategic Investment Plan

The 5-year Macadamia Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) will help guide Hort Innovation’s management of investment programs for the macadamia industry. It lays the foundation for decision making in strategic levy investments and represents the balanced interest of the industry. The very important function of the SIP is to ensure levy investment decisions align with industry priorities. The SIP has been developed in close partnership with growers and other industry stakeholders. Have a quick look at the handy 'at a glance' version here, or download the full document here.


Successful projects funded by the levy

The levy has been responsible for the following success stories:

  • Improved control and treatment of husk spot
  • Mactrix is one of the most successful biological controls in Australian horticulture, and has allowed the macadamia industry to have one of the highest rates of adoption of IPM.
  • Improved nutritional programs, reduced soil loss and better orchard floor management.  It has played an important part in improving drying and handling practices on farm.
  • Publications, grower meetings and conferences that have spread the message and led to wider adoption of the very latest best practice methods
  • Macadamias were one of the first industries to commit to regular residue test through the National Residue Service and a special purpose levy.  This program has shown the industry has a record of 15 consecutive years of 100% compliance with all relevant residue standards and many years of no recorded residues.  This is a record the Australian Government calls “exemplary” and is unique across the global nut sector.  It is one of the reasons that Australian kernel attracts a premium of up to 15% in global markets.




Find out more about projects funded by the levy

Information on new. ongoing and recently completed projects for the macadamia industry, as well as the Strategic Investment Advisory Panel can be found on the Hort Innovation website.

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