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Thinking about becoming a macadamia grower? Why wouldn’t you? With a rapidly growing global market hungering after Australian macadamias, now is the time to enter this world leading industry.

Macadamias are the only Australian native plant crop that has been developed commercially as a food. The unique flavour, nutritional benefits and versatility of macadamias are increasingly being recognized in international markets. Export sales have grown continuously over the last decade with Europe and Japan continuing to see significant grow.

Macadamias currently account for less than 3 per cent of the world tree nut market. With savvy marketing to existing and new markets there is unlimited potential for Australian macadamias to expand.

The profile of the average Australian macadamia grower varies greatly. Many have a few thousand trees and operate as small family farms, while in more recent years, significant plantations in the Bundaberg area have been developed with up to one million trees.

If you’re considering becoming a macadamia grower, the AMS is here to help you. Contact us on FREECALL 1800 262 426 (Australia only) or 61 2 6622 4933 (international enquiries) or email office@macadamias.org.

Further detailed information on the growing conditions required for macadamias can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page. You are also welcome to download these AMS fact sheets below or contact us using the details above for a copy of our comprehensive New Grower Booklet which discusses the current state of the industry, global markets, domestic production, statistics and more. It's a must read for all new and potential investors. 

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