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Terms and conditions

  1. Your membership is governed by this Agreement and the AMS Constitution.
  2. Membership is non refundable.
  3. Membership is non transferable.
  4. Members will be issued with a member card. Reproduction of membership cards in any form is strictly prohibited.
  5. Change to details - you must provide the AMS with any changes to your details, which are relevant to your membership in writing.
  6. The primary membership cardholder is responsible for ensuring the details of their membership are correct at all times.
  7. Additional members of a Grower or Industry membership can only be transferred / changed at the time of renewal.
  8. A fee of $5 per member per card is payable for all requested replacement cards.
  9. The AMS may terminate a membership if a member fails to comply with these terms and conditions, the AMS Constitution or misuses membership privileges.
  10. Membership will be considered ‘lapsed’ if not renewed by the due date.
  11. The expiry date of an annual Membership subscription cannot be suspended or extended past the expiry date stipulated on the Membership.
  12. The AMS reserves the right to use member particulars to communicate with members.
  13. The AMS reserves the right to change these terms and conditions or membership benefits where necessary at any time without prior notice.
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